Thursday, June 27, 2013

From the bumper sticker files

I've decided to add bumper sticker pictures to the blog, because there are a lot of freaking funny ones out there, and I for one am always looking for a good giggle or two. Maybe you chortle, snort, or just plain laugh. Either way, enjoy. 

And yes, I have a sick mind. I can't help it. I practically live in the gutter. It's awfully filthy in there. Thanks, Kayta! Love the picture!

**You too can submit a photo! Email them to aholeparking (at) gmail (dot) com. Pictures must be original in content and taken by you. Please make sure to send any blog links, website, etc if you want credit for the photo. You can be anonymous too. Also, by submitting a photo, you agree to let me post it. Got it? Good.**

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