Thursday, June 6, 2013

Line Hugger

Sarah sent in this fabulous picture and stated "Here's what annoys me the most about this photo: A- the parking spaces in this lot are ridiculously small, so you'd better not eff it up. B- this car is parked next to a median, so this person's only excuse for this crappy parking is douge-baggery. It may not seem so bad from the picture, but trust me, the empty space next to this schmuck is not big enough for my compact car."

What a douchecanoe park job! Love it. People should be automatically wedgied when they park this way. 

**Remember, you too can submit asshole parking pictures. Please email them in jpeg format to aholeparking (at) gmail (dot) com. Pictures must be an original and taken by you (no pictures of park jobs that are floating around the internet) . Also, please make sure to send appropriate links (blogs, websites) if you want credit for your photo. Feel free to stay anonymous if you prefer.** 

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