Friday, June 14, 2013

Picture Perfect

Sunday, on my way back home from a work trip, my coworker and I stopped off at one of those service stations on the Ohio toll roads. You know, one of those fancy rest areas with restaurants inside. I unfortunately wasn't feeling so hot (exhaustion + dehydration + start of a cold) and was booking it to the bathroom and missed my chance of taking a picture of the ultimate a$$hole parking job. I didn't want to let any of you down, so I drew a picture to reenact this fabulous moment in parking history. It's kind of like an interpretive dance, only not really.

A student driver car, straddling the lines of two parking spaces. It was classic. I really wanted to wait and see when the driver came out so that I could interview him for the blog.

Me: "Tell me, are you the teacher or the student?"
Driver: "I'm the teacher."
Me: "So you like to teach your students to park like a$$holes?"
Driver: "Errr, um....huh....."

And this is where it starts people. A$$hole parkers breeding more a$$hole parkers. It's an epidemic people, with no cure in site.

**No comments on my crappy drawing. Unless of course they are oozing with awesome sarcasm. Then, please, comment on.**

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